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As an education provider, do you have a cleaning problem you need help with?

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When your core business is teaching, you don't need to be sidetracked by problems concerning the cleaning and maintenance of your premises.

Every organisation wants to project the right image, and education providers are no different. Regrettably, particular problems may manifest themselves more prominently:

Chewing gum can be a problem for many organisations, it is unattractive and off-putting. The tendency is for it to accumulate in areas frequented by young people: Aquaklenz offer cost-effective chewing gum removal solutions that can help.

Sometimes a focus on the core business of educating people means that premises suffer from an inadvertant lack of attention. Pressure washing and other services can put the sparkle back into your premises, making them a more positive and welcoming place to learn.

Aquaklenz also provide a wide range of specialist cleaning services, and can be contacted by phone on 01786 463870 or email (at for further details.
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