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Aquaklenz has invested in systems that resolve the difficulties of high elevation sign cleaning.  Just one person working from our specially modified and self contained vehicle is sometimes all it takes.

It's safe, reliable and can access signs that traditional methods cannot reach. We offer contract as well as one-off service at extremely competitive prices.

How does it work?

- Specially adapted extension brushes can reach a height of 40ft (over 12m.)

- Water is sourced from a self contained 600 litre tank, sufficient for 2 full days of constant use.

- Micro bore technology eliminates the need for cherry pickers and associated equipment.

- Capable of operating 1000ft (over 300m) from the vehicle, we can access almost anything.

- Safe for use on sign graphics - our system uses low pressure washing combined with light detergents, leaving the lettering intact and clearly visible.
"It's important for us to have a clean environment - our customers expect it. Aquaklenz help us to achieve this quickly and cost-effectively."

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