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Aquaklenz Ltd
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Aquaklenz staff are trained to deal with any situations encountered. We are experienced at dealing with even the most difficult circumstances, and we always do so swiftly and with tact and discretion.

A name you can rely on

We have worked on all kinds of tasks over the years, so you can be confident that we have the experience to deal sympathetically and efficiently with problems of any kind.

In situations where a low profile is required, Aquaklenz is an ideal partner: with us there is no fuss and no fanfare, just fast and professional service.

Just some of the related services we offer are:

Pigeon waste (guano) removal.
Deep clean of kitchens, including fat traps.
Communal area cleaning, including toilets, wash rooms and closes.
Human waste and bodily fluid cleaning and removal.

Aquaklenz has developed 2 separate websites for more information on the matters of House Clearing and Trauma Cleans.


"It's important for us to have a clean environment - our customers expect it. Aquaklenz help us to achieve this quickly and cost-effectively."

Jim Mcalvoy
Retail Manager
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